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Riteload is a privately held family operated company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, we are more than just a business, we are a passionate and strong force, who are resilient in all obstacles that have or may come our way. We understand the underlying problems in the industry and we never steer away from the problems that arise in the logistical work force, but instead tackle these problems head on. We are becoming the answers to all of your logistical needs whether you’re a shipping manufacturer, or a driver looking for their next freight load. We are your one-stop-site for all your needs.

We know how hard you work for not just your financial income, but for your business, and most importantly providing for the ones you love most in your family. These are the same views and principles we have here at Riteload. We do everything in our power to make every situation correct when you become a Riteload member. We go the extra distance to make sure our members are not just satisfied with our services, but seek out all the ways we might be able to improve our services for the future.

Justin Kreimer

Chief Revenue Officer
Justin has spent the past 20 years leading operations and sales teams in the transportation space. He joined Riteload from USA Truck where he was the Vice President of Trucking Operations. Prior, he spent 11 years at Marten Transport where he served as Vice President of Operations playing a key role in the company’s transformation, and 8 years at Knight Transportation leading national and regional sales teams.

Jason Glickman

COO / Investor
Jason is the Managing Partner at Tribal Ventures, a seed stage investment firm. Prior, Jason was the Cofounder of Telaria (NYSE: TLRA) where he raised more than $100MM in venture capital and lead the company as CEO and Chairman from inception to IPO.

Armon Vincent

VP of Technology Development
Armon is a co-founder of Custom House Technology, a technology firm that specializes in mobile development and artificial intelligence. Armon has founded multiple successful technology companies and holds several patents in data mining.

Jae (JJ) Bruno

Director of Business Development
JJ has led vendor relations, sales, and project management teams at Merrill Lynch and several other Fortune 500 companies. She brings expertise and value through customer enablement.

Andrew George

Andrew a software technology veteran and has led software development teams for both large companies and early stage start-ups including Exelon, Digitas, SocketLabs, Rovi, and Aramark.

Nicholas Kane

Head of Customer Relations
Nicholas is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a degree in Communications. After graduation, Nicholas immediately began his career with Riteload and has been instrumental in the growth and success the company has achieved to date.

Don Milley

Don is the former General Manager of StarTrak (now an OrbComm company), one of the leaders in mobile asset monitoring. A founder of a number of tech startups, he has spoken at major universities on technology startup strategies. He literally wrote the book on ecommerce, as the original author of The eMarketplace: Strategies for Success in B2B ECommerce (McGraw-Hill, 2000)

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